Town Council

Town Board Room Dais

Responsibilities of the Town Council Office

Together with the Supervisor, the Town Council enacts ordinances, adopts a budget, oversees town-wide planning and zoning, establishes recreation areas, and participates in town meetings. Elected to four-year terms by voters from the entire town, each of the four council members serves as a liaison to various departments under the town's jurisdiction. 

As local officials, councilmembers are responsible for and responsive to the citizens who elected them. Constituents routinely seek the assistance of the Town Council office to act as advocates and to help resolve problems. They are often called upon to serve as an intermediary between other government offices and agencies. The supervisor delegates legislative and special committee assignments among the councilpersons, often times in their area of expertise. Each councilperson is responsible for overseeing various programs and events associated with their committee assignments.