Assessor's Office

***Starting June 28, 2021, the Assessor's Office will be temporarily located at the Town Hall Annex 

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The Department of Assessment is responsible for placing an assessment on each parcel of land in the town for the purpose of equalization of the tax base. The divisions in the Department of Assessment are:

  • Assessment
  • Assessment Roll
  • Apportionment
  • Exemption and Information


Division of Assessment

The division administers, manages, and supervises the assessing of all properties for tax purposes; maintains property cards, permits, surveys, and all other necessary records; reviews assessments on which formal protests have been made; and makes searches to establish the dates of construction prior to zoning and administers capital improvement and first time home buyers exemptions.

Division of Assessment Roll

The Division of Assessment Roll administers, manages, and supervises the maintenance and update of the assessment roll by transfers of properties by deed and state reports pertaining thereto; processes new districts, court orders, changes of zone, etc.; maintains microfilmed records; makes entry of all changes on the roll and compiles valuations for the certification of the roll; prepares summary reports for all municipalities and public officials; and notifies taxpayers of any changes in assessment.

The 2021/2022 Final Assessment Roll (PDF) is now available.

2021/2022 Tentative Assessment Roll (PDF)

2020/2021 Final Assessment Roll (PDF)

Division of Apportionment

The division administers, manages, supervises, and processes apportionment of parcels of real property for tax purposes; makes and records all required tax map changes; and processes all abandonments, condemnations, and new subdivisions.

Division of Exemptions

The Division of Exemptions administers, manages, supervises, and processes all applications for tax exemption (i.e., star, senior citizens, low income disability, veterans, firefighters and ambulance service workers, clergymen and any non-profit organizations who qualify for an exemption).

Do you qualify for a real property tax exemption in the Town of Babylon?

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