Housing Assistance Agency

Housing Choice Voucher Program/Section 8
The Housing Choice Voucher Program/Section 8 is a federal rental subsidy program funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

This Program assists low income constituents of the Town of Babylon by paying a portion of their rent--allowing them to afford decent and safe housing.

Other townships and jurisdictions also operate the Housing Choice Voucher Program funded through HUD. This allows families the flexibility to relocate in order to meet employment and educational goals of their choice.

Participation in the program requires applicants to meet eligibility requirements set by federal regulation in order to be placed on the active applicant list. Position on the list is determined by a lottery system. Applicants are then selected in order and become participants of the program as funding becomes available.

  1. Housing Assistance Agency

    Physical Address
    Town Hall Annex- West Wing
    281 Phelps Lane
    North Babylon, NY 11703