Public Safety

Public Safety Front StepsResponsibilities of Department  

In keeping with the goal of the Town of Babylon to make the Town a safe place to live, work and visit, the Department of Public Safety has as its mission ensuring the safety of the town’s public facilities as well as enhancing the quality of life of Town residents. Whether it be on the beautiful waterways of the Great South Bay, the pristine ocean beaches or at our many parks and recreational facilities, the Department is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all. 

In addition to the safety of public facilities, The Department also strives to preserve and enhance the quality of life of those residing in the town. Ensuring compliance with Town codes and ordinances is an important part of making Babylon a great place to live, work, and play. The various divisions of The Department of Public Safety each play a role in this: Park Rangers, Code Enforcement, Fire Marshals, Bay Constables and Public Safety Officers. 

The Department responds to concerns from Town residents and works closely with both law enforcement and non-law enforcement agencies to accomplish its mission. 

Code Enforcement Division

The Division of Code Enforcement is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and Town of Babylon Code violations which occur at residential and commercial properties. This division works closely with local police and government agencies to improve the quality of life of Town of Babylon constituents. They are NYS certified Code Enforcement Officials and have the authority to issue summonses when necessary.

Public Safety Officer Division
Responsible for the security of Town property and facilities. They enforce parking regulations, issue parking summonses, and control traffic and security for all town facilities. All Public Safety Officers have NYS guard licenses.

Bay Constable Division

Under the direction of the harbor master, the bay constables patrol the Great South Bay, as well as the Town of Babylon's beaches and facilities. They enforce all town codes and NYS and Federal Navigation Law, as well as NYS Environmental Conservation Law. They are NYS peace officers, and have the power to issue summonses and make arrests.

Park Rangers Division

Park rangers protect park resources and the residents who patronize them. They enforce all local and state laws and ordinances pertaining to parks and town facilities. They are NYS peace officers, and have the power to issue summonses and make arrests.

Fire Marshals Office

Fire marshals enforce all town and NYS codes and laws. They are NYS peace officers and have the power to issue summonses and make arrests. They also respond to fire investigations and hazmat accidents.