Supervisor's Office

Supervisor SchafferOverview

The Supervisor's Office oversees all of the operations within the Town of Babylon. All departments in the town report to the Supervisor's Office for direction. The Supervisor is an elected official who ensures that all town business is carried out satisfactorily. The day-to-day operations of the Supervisor's Office are managed by the chief of staff, who is the liaison between the various departments and staff.


The Supervisor's Office is also home to the following departments:

  • Citizen Services

    This department is responsible for handling constituent concerns and acts in an advocacy capacity to ensure that complaints are handled in a suitable manner. The Performance Management Department works closely with all town departments and various levels of government in an attempt to address issues of concern for Town of Babylon residents.
  • Communications

    The Communications Department is solely responsible for the town's media relations. This department implements all media programs and prepares and distributes media releases, informational reports, brochures, and pamphlets relating to town government.
  1. Rich Schaffer

    Babylon Town Supervisor
    Additional Phone Numbers

    Cell: (516) 429-3763
    Home: (631) 539-4120

    Alternate Email
    Email Rich Schaffer

  2. Supervisor's Office

    Physical Address
    200 E. Sunrise Highway
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757

    Fax: (631) 957-7440