Town of Babylon L.D. Corporation II


The Town of Babylon L.D. Corporation II (TOBLDC II) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1988. Since its founding, the LDC has upheld its original commitment to make the Town of Babylon a better place to work and live. It has been the LDC's purpose to work with businesses, large and small, to spur job growth and economic development. The LDC strives to build a true business community, going beyond just sharing a neighborhood but sharing a common effort towards progress. TOBLDC II's goal will remain to make Babylon a center for job creation and economic growth that improves the quality of life for all the town's residents.

Actively striving towards that goal the LDC:

  • Works on retaining, developing and expanding Babylon's business base
  • Attracts new business and jobs to the community
  • Stimulates the development of local job and business opportunities
  • Assists business owners in identifying and obtaining financing
  • Provides competitive bond programs for not-for-profits
  • Sponsors and promotes local community programs
  • Promotes affordable housing development

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2022 Documents: 

2022 Operations Accomplishments (PDF)

Performance Measurement Report (PDF)

Management Letter 2022 (PDF)

Internal Control 2022 (PDF)

Financial Statements FYE 2022 (PDF)

2022 Committee Lists (PDF)

2022 Board of Directors (PDF)

Cash and Investments Report FYE 2022 (PDF)