Street Sweeping

2020 Street Sweeping Update: 

Due to the Governor’s Executive Orders regarding COVID-19, the Town was mandated to limit staff to no more than 50%. During this time, only critical emergency repair work was authorized to be performed.  We apologize for the disruption of services and for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

As we start to bring back all of our personnel, normal highway maintenance activities will resume.  We will resume with the normal sweeping schedule on Thursday, September 17.  Please see below or the Town of Babylon recycling calendar for the schedule.  In the meantime, sweepers will be sent out service main roads, downtown areas, industrial areas and town facilities. We will also go through residential areas prior to the scheduled sweep days as time and resources allow.

Again, we apologize for the delay in services and we appreciate everyone patience during these difficult times. Please call 631-957-8696 with any questions or concerns.  

As in past years, the Town of Babylon will be conducting its street sweeping program in order to maintain the cleanliness and quality-of-life of our communities. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Town of Babylon has made this information available online this year instead of sending it through the mail. This change also allows the Town of Babylon to save taxpayer dollars, reallocate much needed resources and be more environmentally friendly by saving paper.

The Town has been split into 18 zones (please see below), with each zone being swept twice between the months of August and October. In the event of inclement weather, Fridays during the months of August through October will be used for makeup days.       

Please remember to remove obstacles from the street on your scheduled sweeping days, including automobiles, trailers and basketball hoops, so that our sweepers can be as thorough as possible. By doing so, all residents can do their part to help our street sweeping program be as efficient as possible.

Street Sweeping Zone Map

Street Sweeping All Zones  Opens in new window

Please click on the image above for a larger version of the map.

2020 Street Sweeping Schedule

Please see below table for the 2020 street sweeping schedule. Your zone number remains unchanged from last year but the dates have been updated. If you are unsure about which zone you are in based on the above map, click on the individual zone below to see an enlarged map with marked roadways.

If you are already aware of what zone you are in, you can also reference this year’s recycling calendar, where the circled numbers on the dates correspond to the day your zone will be swept.

ZONE 1September 17
ZONE 2September 21
ZONE 3September 22
ZONE 4September 23
ZONE 5September 24
ZONE 6September 28
ZONE 7September 29
ZONE 8September 30
ZONE 9October 1
ZONE 10October 5
ZONE 11October 6
ZONE 12October 7
ZONE 13October 8
ZONE 14October 13
ZONE 15October 14
ZONE 16October 15
ZONE 17October 19
ZONE 18October 20

If you still have any questions regarding what zone you are in, please call 631-957-8696.