Civil Service


Responsibilities of the Civil Service Department

The Civil Service Department administers and assures compliance with Civil Service Law and Rules for all Town departments and employees. The department will endeavor to provide the most capable candidates in an effort to attract, hire, retain and support a talented and diverse workforce that meets the needs of a diverse and vibrant Town. In addition, the department manages the onboarding and maintenance of all employees in the town’s payroll, retirement and health benefits programs. Providing quality services to our employees, their families, retirees and prospective members of the Town workforce. The divisions in the Department of Civil Service are: 

  • Civil Service Employment 
  • Health Benefits 
  • Human Resources

Functions of Civil Service: 

  • Provides and administers competitive examinations for competitive class positions.
  • Maintains a position classification system and classifies all positions in the Town.
  • Establishes eligible lists and provides certifications of eligible candidates to all Town Department Heads.
  • Maintains a roster history of employment for all Town employees.
  • Handles all employee benefit enrollment and follow up for all Town employees and retirees.
  • Provides an orientation program for new employees and an exit interview program for employees parting service with the Town.
  • Handles all recruitment for the Town including exam announcements, advertising, position searchers, job fairs and high school and college career days.
  • Resolves Civil Service problems in all departments by working with Town Department Heads and Union Officials who represent employees.


Applications may be picked up at the Department of Civil Service at 456 Albany Avenue in Amityville, or at Babylon Town Hall, 200 E. Sunrise Highway, Lindenhurst, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Fillable PDF versions are available below: 

If you download and complete the PDF version, you must print the completed application and submit a hard copy to our office following the instructions below.

The completed and signed application must be submitted along with the examination fee and the supporting documentation for proof of required qualifications.  

Applications must be fully completed, please do not submit a resume in lieu of completing the work experience otherwise your application will not be accepted. 

Examination Announcements: 

An examination is announced no later than four (4) weeks prior to the application deadline date. An announcement is posted on the Town's website under the Examination page of Civil Service, on all TOB departments' bulletin boards, the public monitors in Town Hall and the Civil Service Department.

  1. Judith Garrick

    Town Personnel Officer

  2. Civil Service

    Physical Address
    Municipal Building - 2nd Floor
    456 Albany Avenue
    Amityville , NY 11701



    Monday through Friday 

    9:00 am to 4:30 pm