List of Titles and Job Specification Numbers

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TITLESpec NoJuris Class
Account Clerk0200C
Account Clerk (P/T)0200NC
Account Clerk Spanish Speaking0205C
Account Clerk Typist0210C
Administrative Aide4730C
Administrative Assistant4740C
Animal Control Officer I2910C
Animal Control Officer II2920C
Animal Control Officer III2930C
Animal Health Technician2940C
Animal Shelter Supervisor2950C
Assessment Aide1360C
Assessment Aide (P/T) (S)1360NC
Assessment Assistant1370C
Assessment Clerk1330C
Assistant Beach Manager2220C
Assistant Beach Manager (P/T) (S)2220NC
Assistant Chief Fire Marshal2100C
Assistant Chief Lifeguard2280NC
Assistant Civil Engineer4840C
Assistant Cook1970NC
Assistant Drug and Alcohol Program Coordinator1800C
Assistant Recreation Center Manager2370C
Assistant Recreation Leader2350NC
Assistant Swimming Pool Manager2240C
Assistant Swimming Pool Manager (P/T) (S)2240NC
Assistant Town Attorney1240E
Assistant Town Director of Public Safety2060C
Assistant Waterways Management Supervisor2880C
Associate Administrator4750C
Automotive Body Mechanic I3840NC
Automotive Body Mechanic II3850NC
Automotive Body Mechanic III3860NC
Automotive Claims Adjustor3890C
Automotive Parts Coordinator 3865C
Automotive Equipment Operator4100NC
Automotive Mechanic I3800NC
Automotive Mechanic II3810NC
Automotive Mechanic III3820NC
Automotive Mechanic IV3830NC
Automotive Parts Coordinator3865C
Bay Constable2180C
Bay Constable (P/T)2180NC
Bay Management Specialist I2890C
Bay Management Specialist II2895C
Beach Attendant 2300L
Beach Manager2230C
Beach Manager (P/T) (S)2230NC
Bingo Inspector1480C
Bingo Inspector (P/T)1480NC
Building Inspector3400C
Building Inspector (P/T)3400NC
Building Plans Examiner3280C
Bus Driver 1950NC
Cashier (P/T) (S)0140NC
Chief Assistant Town Attorney1210E
Chief Building Inspector3420C
Chief Environmental Analyst2870C
Chief Fire Marshall2110C
Chief Lifeguard2290NC
Chief of Staff1020NC
Chief Office Assistant0090C
Citizens Advocate1065E
Clerk Typist0040C
Clerk Typist Spanish Speaking0045C
Clinical Nurse Practitioner1740C
Clinical Nurse Practitioner (P/T)1740NC
Code Enforcement Officer1280C
Community Development Fiscal Manager1580C
Community Pride Worker2960L
Community Relations Assistant1935C
Community Service Aide4600NC
Compliance Coordinator1840C
Computer Programmer2420C
Construction Equipment Operator4120NC
Coordinator of Alcoholism Services1790C
Council Member1100UNC
Custodial Aide2570L
Custodial Worker I2580L
Custodial Worker II2590L
Data Entry Operator1630C
Data Processing Equipment Operator2490C
Deputy Assessor1310NC
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics1470C
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics (P/T) (S)1470NC
Deputy Supervisor1010E
Deputy Tax Receiver1610E
Deputy Town Attorney1230E
Deputy Town Clerk1410E
Deputy Town Commissioner of Environmental Control2810E
Deputy Town Commissioner of General Services2410E
Deputy Town Commissioner of Human Services1710E
Deputy Town Commissioner of Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs2010E
Deputy Town Commissioner of Planning and Development3210E
Deputy Town Commissioner of Public Works3610E
Deputy Town Personnel Officer3010NC
DeputyTown Comptroller1510E
Diesel Mechanic3870NC
Director of Drug & Alcohol Counseling Services1820C
Director of Finance1520E
Director of Handicapped Services1865NC
Director of Labor Relations1075NC
Director of Office for People with Disabilities1860NC
Director of Resource Recovery2815NC
Dock Manager 2210C
Dock Manager (P/T) (S)2210NC
Drafter I3670C
Drafter I (P/T) (S)3670NC
Drafter II3680C
Drafter III3690C
Driver Messenger2540C
Drug and Alcohol Counselor I1770C
Drug and Alcohol Counselor II1780C
Drug and Alcohol Counselor I (P/T)1770NC
Drug and Alcohol Counselor II (P/T)1780NC
Drug and Alcohol Counselor I Spanish Speaking1775C
Drug and Alcohol Program Coordinator1810C
Drug Counselor1760C
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator 1850NC
Employee Assistant Program Coordinator (P/T)1850C
Engineering Aide4800C
Engineering Inspector4850C
Environmental Analyst I2820C
Environmentalist II2830C
Environmentalist III2840C
Examiner I (P/T)3050NC
Examiner II (P/T)3060NC
Examiner III (P/T)3070NC
Executive Assistant1030NC
Executive Assistant to Assessor1320NC
Fire Marshal I2080C
Fire Marshal II2090C
Fire Marshall (P/T)2080NC
Geographic Information Systems Technician I3330C
Geographic Information Systems Technician II3340C
Geographic Information Systems Technician III3350C
Government Liaison Officer1060NC
Graphic Materials Designer3660NC
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor3630C
Groundskeeper I3653NC
Groundskeeper II3655NC
Groundskeeper III3657NC
Head Clerk0030C
Health Financial Analyst1940C
Heavy Equipment Operator4110NC
Highway Construction Supervisor3620C
Highway Labor Crew Leader3650NC
Horticultural Worker I2970NC
Horticultural Worker II2980NC
Junior Civil Engineer Trainee4830C
Kennel Attendant2900L
Labor Crew Leader4140NC
Law Clerk1250C
Law Intern (P/T)1270NC
Legislative Aide1110UNC
Legislative Secretary1120UNC
Mail Clerk2520C
Maintenance Mechanic I4050NC
Maintenance Mechanic II4060NC
Maintenance Mechanic III4070NC
Maintenance Mechanic IV4080NC
Material Control Clerk I3770C
Medical Records Clerk0110C
Medical Records Clerk (Spanish Speaking)0115C
Member of an Appointed Board or Commission5000UNC
Member of Board of Assessors1090UNC
Member of Planning Board3580UNC
Member of Zoning Board of Appeals3590UNC
Micrographics Operator0120NC
Minibus Driver1960NC
Neighborhood Aide4700NC
Network and Systems Specialist I2480C
Network and Systems Technician2470C
Network Communications Specialist2460C
Office Assistant0060C
Office Assistant (P/T)0060NC
Office Assistant (Spanish Speaking)0065C
Ordinance Enforcement Officer3500C
Ordinance Enforcement Officer (P/T)3500NC
Ordinance Inspector3490C
Ordinance Inspector (Spanish Speaking)3495C
Paint Shop Crew Leader3795NC
Park Attendant I (P/T) (S)2310NC
Park Attendant II (P/T) (S)2320NC
Park Maintenance Crew Leader2170NC
Park Ranger I2120C
Park Ranger I (P/T)2120NC
Parking Meter Officer1290NC
Payroll Supervisor1570C
Personnel Assistant3020C
Photographic Technician1070C
Photographic Technician (P/T)1070NC
Physician I1730NC
Physician I (P/T)1730NC
Planner Trainee3235C
Plumbing Inspector3440C
Principal Account Clerk0240C
Principal Accountant1550C
Principal Assessment Clerk1350C
Principal Clerk0020C
Principal Engineering Aide4820C
Principal Environmental Analyst2860C
Principal Office Assistant0080C
Principal Planner3260C
Principal Stenographer0100C
Program Aide I (P/T) (S)4620NC
Program Aide II (P/T) (S)4630NC
Program Aide III (P/T) (S)4640NC
Programmer Analyst2430C
Psychiatric Social Worker1830C
Public Information Officer1050NC
Public Works Facility Coordinator3640C
Pumpout Boat Operator2875NC
Purchasing Technician1560C
Real Property Appraiser II1385C
Recreation Aide2330NC
Recreation Center Manager2375C
Recreation Leader 2355C
Recreation Leader (P/T) (S)2355NC
Recreation Specialist2340NC
Recreation Supervisor2365C
Recreation Supervisor (P/T) (S)2365NC
Registered Nurse1750NC
Registrar of Vital Statistics1460C
Registrar of Vital Statistics (P/T) (S)1460NC
Rental Subsidy Program Assistant1595C
Rental Subsidy Program Technician1590C
Sanitation Helpers2985L
Sanitation Site Crew Leader2990NC
Senior Accountant1540C
Senior Account Clerk0220C
Senior Account Clerk Typist0230C
Senior Assessment Assistant1380C
Senior Assessment Clerk1340C
Senior Assistant Town Attorney1220E
Senior Bay Constable2190C
Senior Bay Constable (P/T) (S)2190NC
Senior Beach Manager2235C
Senior Beach Manager (P/T) (S)2235NC
Senior Bingo Inspector1490C
Senior Bingo Inspector (P/T)1490NC
Senior Building Inspector3410C
Senior Cashier0150C
Senior Citizen Aide1880NC
Senior Citizen Aide II1890NC
Senior Citizens Center Manager1900C
Senior Clerk Typist0050C
Senior Cook1990NC
Senior Data Entry Operator1640C
Senior Data Processing Equipment Operator2500C
Senior Engineering Aide4810C
Senior Engineering Inspector4860C
Senior Enviormental Analyst II2850C
Senior Guard2150NC
Senior Lifeguard2270NC
Senior Mail Clerk2530C
Senior Micrographics Operator0130NC
Senior Neighborhood Aide4710C
Senior Office Assistant0070C
Senior Office Assistant (Spanish Speaking)0075C
Senior Planner3250C
Senior Plumbing Inspector3450C
Senior Programmer Analyst2440C
Senior Recreation Leader2360C
Senior Recreation Leader (P/T) (S)2360NC
Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator IIB3750C
Senior Zoning Inspector3480C
Sign Painter I3780NC
Sign Painter II3790NC
Site Plan Reviewer3290C
Stock Clerk2535C
Stock Clerk (P/T) (S)2535NC
Student Intern I (P/T) (S)4660NC
Student Intern II (P/T) (S)4670NC
Student Intern III (P/T) (S)4680NC
Swimming Pool Attendent2255L
Swimming Pool Manager2250C
Swimming Pool Manager (P/T) (S)2250NC
Switchboard Operator2550C
Switchboard Operator (P/T)2550NC
Tax Cashier1620C
Tax Cashier (P/T) (S)1620NC
Tour Guides1085L
Town Attorney1200UNC
Town Clerk1400UNC
Town Commissioner of Environmental Control2800UNC
Town Commissioner of General Services2400UNC
Town Commissioner of Human Services1700UNC
Town Commissioner of Parks Recreation and Cultura2000UNC
Town Commissioner of Planning and Development3200E
Town Commissioner of Public Works3600UNC
Town Comptroller1500UNC
Town Director of Public Safety2070C
Town Emergency Preparedness Coordinator2030C
Town Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (P/T)2030UNC
Town Historian1080UNC
Town Personnel Officer3000NC
Town Tax Receiver1600UNC
Traffic Engineer I3300C
Traffic Engineer II3310C
Traffic Engineer II (P/T)3310NC
Tree Trimmer I3700NC
Tree Trimmer II3710NC
Tree Trimmer III3720NC
Water Treatment Plant Operator IIB3740C
Waterways Management Supervisor2885C
Website Specialist2450C
Women's Resource Advisor I1920NC
Women's Resources Advisor II1930NC
Work Intern4650NC
Youth Counselor1870C
Youth Counselor (P/T) (S)1870NC
Zoning Inspector3470C
Zoning Inspector (Spanish Speaking)3475C