Wyandanch Community Profile

Hamlet of Wyandanch

Historical Profile:

The rural community grew after the arrival of the Long Island Rail Road’s Main Line in 1842. Then known as West Deer Park, the first railroad depot was built in 1875. The LIRR changed the name to Wyandance, in 1889. Some say that the name change was to dismiss confusion with the station in Deer Park, while others contend that the request came from the Wyandance Brick Company. By the early 1900s, both the railroad and post office were designated Wyandanch.


The Wyandanch railroad station, circa 1910.

Industry developed, particularly the manufacturing of bricks which were made from the natural clay and sand in the lower Half Hollow Hills. The natural clay and sand in the lower hills were found to be ideal for brick making. By the late 19th Century, more than 1.6 million bricks were produced each year from local brick yards, and shipped by rail for use in New York City.