Wyandanch School District

Up until 1923, the current Wyandanch and Deer Park School Districts were one school district known as Town of Babylon School District No. 7. Prior to the 1872 creation of the Town of Babylon, the school district was known as Town of Huntington School District No. 24. The first schoolhouse for the old School District No. 7 was most likely a one-room design built in the mid-1800s, on Deer Park Avenue. Students from the western part of the old school district traveled to a schoolhouse at the eastern end of the district, in Deer Park, before a schoolhouse was opened on Straight Path, Wyandanch, in 1912. 



A postcard view of the Wyandanch schoolhouse opened in 1912. The old school site is the one occupied by the present Wyandanch Public Library.

A few years after the 1923 district division, a new brick school was built. Opened in 1937, the Wyandanch Public School was built on the east side of Straight Path, further south than the first school. The building was subsequently expanded and is presently the School District Administration Building.