Adjudication Bureau

456 Court Room

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Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA)

Pursuant to New York State General Municipal Law §380 and Babylon Town Code §66-2, the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (Bureau), and the Administrative Law Judges (A.L.J.) assigned thereto, have jurisdiction to hear and determine Notices of Violation (NOV) issued for any violation of the Town Code relating to public health, safety or welfare, except for violations of Chapter 89 of the Town Code, which sets forth the requirements for building construction.

The Bureau has jurisdiction to hear and determine Notices of Violation issued by enforcement personnel employed by the Town of Babylon including zoning inspectors, building inspectors, code enforcement officers, fire marshals, park rangers, bay constables, sanitation inspectors and any other employee of the Town of Babylon authorized to enforce the Town Code.  

Any respondent who requests a hearing in response to an NOV will have an opportunity to have a hearing before an A.L.J.. If an A.L.J. finds in favor of the respondent and does not find the Town sustained the violation, the violation will be dismissed with no further action on the part of the Respondent. If the A.L.J. finds against the respondent and sustains the violation, the A.L.J. will assess a monetary penalty within the range of penalties authorized by law, as well as a surcharge for administrative costs. An A.L.J. may also order the respondent to rectify the violation. If the penalty and surcharge are not paid, a civil judgment in that amount will be docketed against the respondent as an outstanding “Judgement”. 

When a respondent requests language assistant services, said services will be provided by any means available to the Bureau at the time of the request. The Bureau utilizes the services of the “Language Line” as used by courts in New York.