Recycling Information

Recycling collection pick-up occurs within the Town of Babylon on Wednesdays and alternates each week between bottles and cans, and papers and cardboards. During holiday weeks, Recycling will be picked up on your regular garbage day (Thursday or Friday). 

Check the Recycling Calendar (PDF) each week for the cans or newspaper symbol, which indicates what type of collection will occur that week.

Recycling Cans:

Please use only the free standard Blue Town of Babylon recycling cans with lids, molded handles for curbside recycling. And please no tie down straps or bungee cords. 

You can pick up the blue pails at the Town of Babylon Recycling Center in West Babylon, or at Babylon Town Hall (Town Council Office) in North Lindenhurst. 

Helpful Tips: 

  • No material can be placed above the top of the recycling can. This helps your garbage collectors avoid injury and materials from falling out of the container.
  • Be sure to rinse out your bottles and cans before putting them out for collection. This helps reduce contamination of the recyclables.
  • Never use plastic bags to package newspaper at the curb.  Always tie up newspaper with twine before putting it out for collection.
  • Keep your garbage collectors safe and your streets clean by never putting liquid paints out at the curb.  Paint cans that get crushed in the back of the trucks often spew paint.
  • Recyclable cardboard can become easily contaminated by grease and food remnants.  If your cardboard is contaminated such as a pizza box, please put it out in your regular household garbage pickup. 
  • Not sure if an item at your curb is too large to be picked up or if your yard waste isn't bundled properly? Visit EnCon's website or call (631) 491-3200 BEFORE you put the material at the curb.


  • E-Waste is no longer picked up curbside. Please note that it is a NYSDEC violation to place E-Waste curbside: NYS DEC
  • Electronics can be dropped off at the Residential Recycling Facility in West Babylon or returned to the place of sale.  Arrangements for special pick-up can also be made by calling: (631) 249-9346 or (631) 249-9347

Residential Recycling Center: 

The Residential Recycling Center, located on Field Street off Edison Avenue in West Babylon, is open for drop-off of recyclable materials weekdays from 8:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. If you have any questions concerning the Residential Recycling Center, please call (631) 249- 9346 or (631) 249-9347. 

Acceptable Items for drop-off at the Residential Recycling Center include: plastics, glass, waste oil, car batteries, computer paper, telephone books, rocks, bricks, E-waste/electronics, household batteries, bicycles (for Adopt-A-Bike program), junk mail, oil filters, metal/aluminum cans, polystyrene, newspapers, cardboard, concrete (small pieces), four tires with or without rims, propane tanks and used clothing. 

Note: Materials are only accepted from residents, no items from commercial or industrial entities are allowed.

Residents should also explore online reimbursement programs for unwanted electronics at local stores:




  1. Residential Recycling Center

    Physical Address
    57 Field Street
    West Babylon, NY 11704


    Phone: (631) 249-9346 or (631) 249-9347


    8:00AM - 2:30PM