Building Department

Responsibilities of the Building Department

The Building Department, a Division of Planning & Development, issues permits and enforces the zoning and local laws, ordinances, and buildings codes of the town. No building can be constructed or altered on any lot, plot, or premises until a Town of Babylon building permit authorizing the work has been issued. The Building Division requires that copies of plans, specifications, and other necessary information be filed with every permit application. The following are divisions under the Building Department:

Engineering Division

This division is responsible for site plan reviews, which ensure that plans submitted for new building construction or for major modifications to an existing site are in conformance with Town of Babylon specifications with regard to drainage, parking lot design, outdoor lighting, and landscaping. This division is also responsible for on-site inspections to ensure correct implementation of site plans in accordance with town specifications. The Engineering Division also participates in special projects.

Signs Division

The Division of Signs issues permits to erect, construct, alter, relocate, reconstruct, display, or maintain in any business, manufacturing or industrial district and enforces the local laws and ordinances related to the installation.

Plumbing Division

The Division of Plumbing issues permits and enforces the local laws and ordinances related to the installation and/or legalization of any plumbing, HVAC, fire/lawn sprinkler work in and around a building or structure or to extend or alter any existing plumbing. 

Building Online Forms:

The applications listed below can be submitted digitally online: 

Building Applications & Documents:

The applications listed below can be downloaded, filled out and submitted to the Building Department: 

Expeditor Registration Form

Expeditor Registrations will begin on September 1, 2023, please see the PDF linked above to complete the expeditor registration form and submit it to the Town Clerk's Office.  

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