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Town of Babylon
200 E. Sunrise Highway
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Ph: (631) 957-3000
Fx: (631) 957-7440
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Fire Marshal

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1. What does the Town's Fire Marshal's Office do?
2. Where is the Fire Marshal's Office located and what are their hours?
3. Who can I contact at the Fire Marshal's Office?
4. Who do I call in an emergency?
5. Do I need carbon monoxide detectors in my home or business?
6. Do I need smoke detectors in my home or business?
7. Is it legal to have a fire pit in a backyard?
8. Can I barbecue if I live in an apartment?
9. Do fire extinguisher's need to be inspected?
10. How do I dispose of an old fire extinguisher?
11. Are there Emergency Shelters available to residents in an event of a storm or natural disaster?
12. Can fuel be delivered to a boat, house or dock?
13. What is the contact information for fire prevention services in the area villages?

Fire Marshal - Commercial Properties

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1. Does my new business need a permit from the Fire Marshal's Office?
2. Is there a fire prevention/inspection checklist for businesses?
3. Do private fire hydrants on apartment or condominium complexes have to be tested?
4. Are commercial properties required to test their fire and smoke detection and sprinkler systems?
5. Carbon Monoxide Detection Policy/Guide

Fire Marshal - Permits & Plans

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1. What permits does the Fire Marshal's Office issue?
2. Do I need a permit to install a wood burning stove or fireplace?
3. Do I need to submit plans for a fire suppression and detection system?
4. Do I need a permit to install a Hood and Duct system?