How do the tides affect flooding of my street and property?
Flooding can occur without a rain event in times of unusually high tides. When the tide rises above the outfall pipes in canals and on the bayfront, it pushes water back up into the drainage system. This prevents the road drainage system from discharging water and sometimes pushes salt water back up into the system and into the streets. This is a particular problem in many shore areas with homes built in the 50's and 60's which are very close to the shore and at low elevations.

The National Weather Service often issues flood advisories due to high tides. For those living in low lying areas near tidal water, this type of flooding will occur.

Please note that when there are weather forecasts for tidal flooding and when these warnings are issued, elevate anything that might be damaged from water or saltwater. In addition, homes in these areas should have flood insurance.

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