What is the Town's Great South Bay protection plan?
The Town takes great pride in its Great South Bay and has put numerous measures in place to protect it from pollution, erosion, and other natural disasters. The Town operates a comprehensive Bay Management Program and developed and maintains a comprehensive stormwater management program. Briefly, this program incorporates a multi-faceted approach to reduce pollution from entering surface waters and the Great South Bay and includes the following components:
  • Public education and participation - examples include a storm drain stenciling program where volunteers affix placards to street drains with a message informing the reader not to dump deleterious substances and that the drain leads to the Great South Bay.

  • Illicit Discharge Program - example is a yearly illicit discharge survey of a segment of Babylon stormwater outfalls searching for illicit discharges to Babylons surface waters.

  • Construction and post construction requirements for development - requirements for active construction sites include incorporating erosion control into construction sites (use of silt screen and stabilized construction entrance). For post construction sites, requirements include incorporating stormwater control into site design to maintain stormwater on site. Larger and more sensitive sites would require preparation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

  • Pollution protection and good housekeeping of town facilitates - examples include the construction of a stormwater wetland at Ketchams Creek and Babylon's road drainage improvement program.

More information about Babylon’s stormwater program can be found online, Stormwater Program, or by calling the Town's Department of Environmental Control at (631) 422-7670.

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1. What is the Town's Great South Bay protection plan?