Where is the Drug and Alcohol Division located?

The Town operates the Beacon Family Wellness Center; a NYS OASAS licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment facility. It is located at 281 Phelps Lane in North Babylon and our direct number is (631) 422-7676. The Program provides treatment services to Town of Babylon residents and their families who have been affected by substance abuse. The Program offers a wide variety of treatment services and is open from 9:00 AM through 9:00 PM. 

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1. Where is the Drug and Alcohol Division located?
2. What kind of services does the Drug and Alcohol Services Division provide?
3. How do I make an appointment?
4. How long is a typical program?
5. Whom do I call if I am having a crisis?
6. Is there a fee or cost for services?
7. Are my records and information confidential?