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Town of Babylon
200 E. Sunrise Highway
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Ph: (631) 957-3000
Fx: (631) 957-7440
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What are the functions of the Department of Assessment?
The Department of Assessment locates property and inventory data, tracks ownership of all property in the town, places value on property, processes exemptions, prepares and creates the assessment roll, prepares and submits reports to the New York State Office of Real Property Services and assists the public by providing information with regard to all of the above.


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1. Where is the Department of Assessment located and what are the hours of operation?
2. What does the Town Assessor do?
3. What are the functions of the Department of Assessment?
4. How do you arrive at my assessment?
5. Are there any programs that can help lower my taxes?
6. How do I apply for the STAR exemption?
7. How do I obtain a Suffolk County Tax Map Number or Item Number?
8. How can I determine the school district of a property?
9. Why do taxes vary on similar looking houses?
10. Why are my property taxes so high?
11. When can I expect a reduction in my tax bill as a result of my small claims?
12. Why are my property taxes higher this year?