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Town of Babylon
200 E. Sunrise Highway
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Ph: (631) 957-3000
Fx: (631) 957-7440
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How is the community space in my neighborhood maintained?
Keeping the Town of Babylon beautiful is a responsibility we all share. The Town's Beautification Program provides a way for residents, community organizations, businesses and government to work together to keep Babylon beautiful. Whether it be a park, a small plot of land or a highway, the goal of the beautification program is to improve the appearance of the community and change attitudes towards littering and property maintenance.

These beautification programs provide an opportunity for everyone in the community to play a role in maintaining the quality of life we have all come to expect and enjoy.


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1. How is the community space in my neighborhood maintained?
2. What beautification programs can Town of Babylon residents expect the Town to provide?
3. What is the Town's Adopt-A-Highway Program?
4. What is the Town's Adopt-A-Park Program?
5. What is the Town's Adopt-A-Spot Program?
6. What is the Town's Sump Beautification Program?