How do I retrieve my car that's been impounded?
Vehicles that have been towed or impounded by the Town of Babylon can be retrieved once an abandoned vehicle release form has been signed and notarized by the Town of Babylon Auto Impound Department.

Only the titled owner will be able to reclaim the vehicle:

  • The titled owner must appear at the Town Attorney's Office, 200 East Sunrise Highway, Lindenhurst, with the title and ID before 2:00 pm to obtain a release form to reclaim the vehicle.

  • The titled owner must also have a tow truck driver, licensed to tow in the Town of Babylon, meet them at the DPW after the paperwork is complete.

  • The notarized release form is brought to the Town Clerk's Office and the fees must be paid in cash. You will receive a receipt and a copy of the release form.
  • The documents are then brought to the Department of Public Works located behind Town Hall.

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