Is the shelter a "No Kill" shelter?

The term "No Kill" is most often associated with private shelters. Private shelters carefully screen animals before they are accepted for adoption. Any animals with medical or behavioral issues are not accepted. An owner of such an animal would need to look elsewhere for placement, usually a municipal shelter. BAARC is a humane municipal animal shelter and accepts all stray canines found within the Town's geographic borders. All animals that are adoptable or have medical conditions that are treatable, will stay at the animal shelter until they are adopted as long as there is room. The shelters save rate is about 88% for dogs and 96% for cats. This rate is calculated on the total intake of dogs and cats regardless of age, condition or temperament.

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1. Where is the Babylon Animal Shelter located?
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10. How does the Town handle stray animals?
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13. Is the shelter a "No Kill" shelter?