How do I adopt an animal from the shelter?

The adoption process: 

  • Consult with one of our adoption staff members either by phone or in person at the shelter, prior to meeting the pet for a history of the pet.
  • Complete an Adoption Application and provide a photo ID.
  • Return with all household members prior to adoption day to meet the pet you are interested in. Some shelter pets may require more than one visit with the pet.
  • If you have a dog, a dog-to-dog "meet and greet" is required at the shelter prior to adoption day. 
  • Some pets may not be ready for immediate release to adopt. Our strays are held 5 days by law and then they will have their medical process completed. Only once that is complete, can they be picked up for adoption. The medical process may take 1-3 weeks before a pet is ready for adoption.
  • If a dog is not yet ready for adoption, the potential adopter will follow the same process as above and be given a hold slip for the dog that has been applied for. The shelter will take up to 4 applications on a dog. We do not give out a hold slip if a dog is available and ready for adoption. 
  • The shelter does not take applications on cats or rabbits before they are ready to leave the shelter for adoption. 

Adoption fees are CASH ONLY:

  • Cat/Kitten $65, adopters over 60 years old $35
  • Dog/Puppy Babylon Town Resident $91.50, adopters over 60 years old $51.50 
  • Dog/Puppy Non-Resident $85, adopters over 60 years old $45
  • Rabbits $35 

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