Who is eligible for Senior Citizen Community Services?
Residents, age 60 and older, who own or rent and are incapable of maintaining their residence because of illness, incapacity, handicap, or absence of a caretaker-relative are eligible for this service. Priority is given to servicing those who are frail, low income, minority, disabled, isolated or veterans.

Residents who are receiving the same or similar service under another government-funded program are not eligible for this service.

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1. Who is eligible for Senior Citizen Community Services?
2. What are the requirements to receive Residential Repair services?
3. Is there an associated cost for services?
4. Do you provide services 5 days a week?
5. Is there an income requirement for participation?
6. What Residential Repair services do you provide?
7. Do you issue Senior Citizen identification cards?
8. Does this program lend handicap equipment?