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Assessor's Forms

  1. Contact the Assessor's Office

    Please use the interactive online form below to contact the Town of Babylon Assessor's Office.

Contact Us

  1. Media Inquiries

    Members of the media should fill out this form to submit inquires to the Communications Office.

  2. Report a Concern

    Report a Concern to the Office of Citizen Services

  3. TO: Animal Shelter

    Email the Babylon Animal Adoption Rescue Center

  4. TO: Town Historian

    Email the Town Historian / Babylon History Museum

  1. NYS MRTA Legislation
  2. Report a Quality of Life Issue

    Report an issue to the Quality of Life Task Force

  3. TO: Fire Marshal

    Email the Fire Marshal's Office

  4. TO: Veteran's Advisory Council

    Email the Town of Babylon Veterans Advisory Council

Tax Receiver Forms

  1. Change of Address Form
  1. Contact the Receiver of Taxes

    Please use the interactive online form below to contact the Town of Babylon Receiver of Taxes Office.

Town Clerk Forms

  1. Contact the Town Clerk

    Please use this interactive online form to contact the Town of Babylon Office of the Town Clerk.


  1. Military Tribute Slideshow Request

    Councilman Gregory, Chair of the Veterans Advisory Board invites you to participate in our military tribute slideshow in the lobby at... More…

  1. The Wall That Heals Volunteer Sign Up

    Please fill out this form to sign up to volunteer with the Town on The Wall That Heals.