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Town of Babylon
200 E. Sunrise Highway
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Ph: (631) 957-3000
Fx: (631) 957-7440
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Department of Public Works
General Information
The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the maintenance and engineering functions relating to municipal buildings, facilities, structures, roadways, sumps, trees, and other green vegetation. DPW includes the Highway Division, Highway Engineering, the Buildings and Grounds Division, Street Lighting, the Sign Shop, Fleet Maintenance, and the Beautification Program.

Beautification Program
The Town of Babylon Beautification Program helps improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods through the combined efforts of local government, local businesses, civic groups, and community organizations.

Highway Division
The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance of all town recharge basins and drainage structures, ice control and snow removal, street leaf bag distribution, street sweeping program, tree inspection, pothole repair, and debris cleanup. 

Highway Engineering
Highway Engineering is responsible for road, catch basin, and other related structure design, construction management, and quality control oversight.

Building & Grounds Division
The Building and Grounds Division is responsible for the repairs, alterations, and maintenance of all town facilities, including fences, town pools and filtration systems, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, painting, landscaping, building of new structures, removing refuse, and maintenance of all facility grounds.

The Sign Shop
The Sign Shop is responsible for the installation, care, and maintenance of all traffic control and street signs in the town. This includes all street name signs and regulatory signs (including those on county roads), such as “No Parking.” The Sign Shop is also responsible for pavement markings on town roads.

Repairs to traffic control and street signs are typically completed in two days from the time of notification. Stop signs and those that are in a dangerous condition are considered priorities. The division oversees approximately 6,000 signs. Common service requests include downed signs, signs in need of repair, faded signs, twisted signs, and graffiti on signs.

Street Lighting Division
The Street Lighting Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and emergency service of approximately 15,000 streetlights located throughout the town. In addition, this division is responsible for an additional 3,500 lights located in the Villages of Babylon and Lindenhurst. The division organizes all lighting assets into 26 individual districts located throughout the town. This division also services all of the electrical capacities of all town facilitie,s including buildings, parks, beaches, and ball fields.

The division processes many kinds of service requests, including installing new streetlights in an existing community, installing streetlights in a new development or where road improvement projects have occurred, and drawing mark-outs where work is to occur by outside or private contractors in order to prevent the damage of wires or pipes that might be near or involve underground utilities. Often, underground utilities are hidden in areas where construction is proposed. The division also regularly monitors for light outages.

Fleet Maintenance Division
The Fleet Maintenance division maintains all of the vehicles for the Town, including buses, pickup trucks, vans, hybrid cars, payloaders and Highway trucks.  The Town of Babylon impound yard is under their jurisdiction.